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I can't say enough about how kind you have been in helping us negotiate the waters, as it were, of buying a lake property. Your 14 years of wisdom and contacts on these lakes was invaluable and I feel like I've gotten a lifetime education from you on the ins and outs of living up there. I went back through all of our emails and I'm amazed by how much work you put into helping us, triaging our long list or properties, carting us around, and giving us honest and insightful pros and cons on each one.

When it came down to the house on Cherokee Trail and this one, I remember you saying that if we could somehow swing the finances for Meherrin Drive, we'll never be asking, "what if?" It wasn't easy, but we'll be fine now that we've sold our property here in Durham.

The more that I reflect on properties we've seen and others that are still listed, I think that you've enabled us to get the exact house and lot that we wanted and, more importantly, need. Heather will have a much-needed refuge from her work in caring for veterans at the hospital in Durham and Phoebe will have a great place to create memories with her friends and cousins, even when I stop being cool as she gets into the teenage years.

I'd love to catch up with you again when the weather gets nice and we can enjoy lunch and a beverage near or on the lake. You've chosen a great activity for your "retirement" and your interpersonal and business skills have served you - and all of your clients - exceedingly well. I'm so glad that our paths crossed and that we had you to guide us through this amazing purchase. Please also pass along our thanks to Marcia for everything she did behind the scenes.